Meadow Flower & Heather Soap

Format : Paper 80 g

Reference : 63526

Sulfate-free* and palm oil-free** soap with an addictive scent for a sensation of Nature and a gently cleansed skin.

  • Scent : Meadow Flower & Heather
  • Texture : Bar
  • Benefits : Its smooth and enveloping lather cleanses and perfumes the skin without dehydrating

The scent :

The relaxing sensations of a stroll in Brittany moor with a floral and honeyed fragrance.

Results : 

93% - of people declare that their skin is gently washed***
87% - of people declare that the texture is pleasant***
78% - of people declare that skin is not dehydrated***
71% - of people declare that after use they feel their skin is moisturized***

*Sulfate-free surfactant
**The ingredient Sodium Palmitate refers to an olive oil derivative and not to palm oil.
***Objective clinical study on 21 days on 178 cases