Eco-Refill Oat & Buckwheat Bath & Shower Gel

Format : Refill 600 ml

Reference : 55341

Discover the 1st Yves Rocher bath & shower gel eco-refills, all the delightful sensoriality of our sulfate-free* ​

bath and shower gels with scents inspired by Nature in a new 600ml format containing 4 times less plastic than our 400ml bottles and composed of at least 90% recycled coastal plastic and the packaging is fully recyclable! ​

A more economical format! 
$2,16 / 100ml

  • Scent : oat & buckwheat
  • Texture : gel
  • Benefit: clean and perfume the skin

*sulfate-free surfactant

The recycling guide :

Put the bottle in the recycling bin with its cap on top.

Good to know: the caps will be separated in the recycling center and then shredded. Since 2020 our plastic bottles are 100% recycled & recyclable.

Each time you recycle your waste, you contribute to give it a second life.