Oat & Buckwheat Moisturizing Hand Cream

Format : Tube 30 ml

Reference : 34836

A sensation of Nature explosion with this hand cream free from silicone and colorant for a moisturized and delicately perfumed skin.

  • Scent : Oat & Buckwheat
  • Texture : Melting cream

98% natural origin ingredients melting formula, free from silicone and paraben. Moisturizes and delicately perfumes skin. Enriched in shea butter.

The scent :

The comforting sensations of a walk in the Breton cereal fields with a unique, gourmand and enveloping fragrance.

Enriched with oat and buckwheat extracts, with notes of almond, milk, vanilla and coconut.

Results :

100% - of people declare that skin isn't sticky*
92% - of people declare that texture easily penetrates*
91% - of people declare that skin is soft & supple*
82% - of people declare that skin is moisturized & repaired*

Guide du tri :

Put the tube in the recycling bin with its cap on top.

*Objective clinical study for 21 days on 92 cases. Mean scores