Pure Deodorant

Format : Roll-on bottle 50 ml

Reference : 05607

Because you should never have to choose between effectiveness and naturality, we have developed a collection of 24H deodorants with natural ingredients from Brittany. Our formulas with more than 96% ingredients from natural origin no longer contain aluminum salts or alcohol.

Formulated with organic Peppermint from La Gacilly, this deodorant protects against odors for 24 hours thanks to the purifying scent of its essential oils.

For optimal effectiveness, our Botanical Beauty Research Experts selected Beech powder which is capable of absorbing moisture while respecting the natural phenomenon of perspiration.

• Effective against perspiration odors
• Provides a sensation of freshness
• Skin feels clean
• It has a natural scent
• It doesn't leave white marks
• It doesn't leave yellow stains
• It dries quickly

Application advices: Apply on clean and dry armpits

Texture : Light texture that allows you to get dressed right away!

Our commitments:
• More than 98% ingredients from natural origin
• Organically-grown Peppermint
• 0% aluminum salts
• 0% alcohol
• Formula tested under dermatological supervision
• 100% recyclable bottle

WARNING : Do not use if you are pregnant.

1.6 fl. oz./50 ml roll-on bottle