Thinning Hair Treatments And Thickening Shampoos

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What to Do for Thinning Hair?

Man or woman, we all lose hair everyday. Hair loss is a natural process that is offset by the growth of new hair. However, sometimes we lose a lot of hair very quickly or hair stops growing back. This is called alopecia. Fortunately, there are thinning hair treatments!

Our Botanical Beauty researchers have crafted a complete hair care routine for thinning hair that restores the density of hair mass and strengthens hair. The Density Rescue hair care line combines Agave fructans that activate microcirculation, in combination with a scalp massage, with white Lupin, rich in proteins, essential to the balance of hair. Hair is stronger, better rooted and visibly thicker.

For a complete shower routine, discover also our shower gels and body lotions.

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