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Yves Rocher

Enriched with Raspberry Vinegar, the shine vinegar eliminates particles that weigh down and dull the shine of hair. Hair is soft and shiny.

  • Hair type : Dull hair
  • Texture : Light watery
  • Benefits : More intense shine than rinsing with water
  • Use : Moderate amount all over the hair

Results :

94% - My hair is pleasant to the touch*
90% - My hair is shiny*
89% - My hair fiber seems softer*
88% - My hair feels more supple*

How to use :

Shake. Apply before last rinse, then rinse.
In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly.

The recycling guide :
Put the bottle in the recycling bin with its cap on top.
Each time you recycle your waste, you contribute to give it a second life.

*Satisfaction survey carried out on 114 subjects

Format : Bottle

Reference: 52166

Botanical ingredient

Raspberry Vinegar

Neutralizes the limescale found in water

Dyeing your hair can damage it, the cuticles of hair fibers open up to allow the color to be absorbed.

Too much coloring can therefore weaken the hair fiber. On top of this, washing repeatedly and environmental aggressors (oxidation, sun, pollution, etc.) cause the color to lose its intensity and shine over time.

Thanks to their unique knowledge of the botanical world, our Botanical Beauty® Researchers have selected RASPBERRY VINEGAR for its water-softening properties. Known for its effectiveness since ancient times, it neutralizes the limescale found in water that dulls the hair fiber every time you wash it. It thus revives the shine of colored & dulled hair.

Combined in the formula with Calendula*-infused oil that smooths the hair fiber** to help it reflect more light, it restores your hair’s natural shine.*

*Only found in the conditioner and the mask.
**Instrumental tests on strands of hair.

Raspberry Vinegar
How to use

Apply on the lengths and ends. Rinse.

Frequently asked questions
Why rinse with vinegar?
Vinegar has been around since antiquity and has lasted through the ages because it's so effective and can be used in a wide variety of ways. Our grandmothers would use it to make their hair shiny. Raspberry vinegar is made through a natural fermentation process and its acidic pH makes it a good water softening agent. When used on hair, it provides shine and radiance while closing and smoothing hair cuticles.

Recommended use: how should I apply the rinsing vinegar?

Shine Vinegar should be applied after having carried out your entire hair washing routine (shampoo and hair care). It should be used before rinsing hair once last time. It helps to eliminate any residue that dull the hair fiber and that could have been left on hair during washing. Rinsing one last time with water will help to wash out the vinegar (since the hair has been treated with the vinegar just before, residue won't be able to rest on hair). 
How do I care for my hair after coloring?
The first step in taking care of colored hair is to gently wash it so as not to dry out the lengths or remove color pigments. Specially formulated for color-treated or dull hair, our SULFATE-FREE* Color protective shampoo gently washes hair to ensure that the color stays vibrant for longer.

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