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Yves Rocher
A new version of Comme une Evidence, fresh and light, for a genuine moment of harmony.

The zesty citrus notes provide an immediate, yet sparkling fragrance. The delicate scent of Jasmine brings to the core a sensation of lightness, a genuine breath of fresh air.
The woody notes of Patchouli are subtle, a reminder of the soft and feminine touch of Comme une Evidence.

Delicate and light, like a veil, this Eau de Toilette envelops you in serenity.

It's +: l'Eau de Toilette, an everyday fragrance

Olfactory family: fresh, floral, delicate

2.5 fl. oz. / 75 ml Spray bottle.

Format : Spray

Reference: 28190

Olfactory Notes:
Chypre Floral
BERGAMOT ESSENCE: Striking a delicate balance, bergamot combines the tangy, energetic, and sunny aspects of citrus with a floral sweetness.DAMASK ROSE ABSOLUTE: Emits a rich and opulent floral rose scent, with notes of spice, fruit, and honey.PATCHOULI ESSENCE: At once woody, balsamic, smooth, and herbal, with subtle earthy and leathered undertones, Patchouli reveals its rich olfactory delights as the fragrance unfurls.
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