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Yves Rocher


L’Evidence, a story of freedom, that of leaving a mark for a better world.​

A luminous neo-chypre perfume centered around the Magnolia flower, refreshed by juicy Peach and enveloped by comforting Patchouli.​

Created by Sonia Constant​

and Marion Costero.

« We imagined a fresh and luminous fragrance, a neo-chypre around Magnolia flower, refreshed by the velvety softness of upcycled peach and enveloped in a powerful and comforting base of Patchouli for a positive & confident woman.  »

Sonia Constant et Marion Costero, perfumers

  • Intensity : balanced
  • Olfactive family : luminous neo-chypre 

The recycling guide :

Put in the classic recycling bin the cardboard boxes and the wedges.

Put the bottle with its pump and cap on it in the glass recycling bin.

Format : Bottle

Reference: 30142

Olfactory Notes:
Chypre Floral
BERGAMOT ESSENCE: Striking a delicate balance, bergamot combines the tangy, energetic, and sunny aspects of citrus with a floral sweetness.DAMASK ROSE ABSOLUTE: Emits a rich and opulent floral rose scent, with notes of spice, fruit, and honey.PATCHOULI ESSENCE: At once woody, balsamic, smooth, and herbal, with subtle earthy and leathered undertones, Patchouli reveals its rich olfactory delights as the fragrance unfurls.



To find out more about our commitments and our formulation, please go to #WeTellYouEverything

* Ingredients from natural origin
*Synthetic ingredients

Frequently asked questions

Has the scent and composition of the iconic fragrances (CUE, CUE Intense and Mon Evidence) changed ? What about the lasting ?

The novelty only relates to the bottles, the fragrances/scents remain the same. This is an opportunity for these new bottles to be part of an eco-design approach.

Why did the cardboard and bottle of the Comme une Evidence line change ?

We wanted to harmonize our iconic fragrances, in order to be more consistent, with a unique, more premium and modern bottle. In addition, these new bottles have been designed to reduce their impact on the environment by reducing the weight of glass and cardboard and removing the plastic film.

Why can't I find Comme une Evidence L'Eau and Comme une Evidence Le Parfum anymore?
In order to offer you the best, we have concentrated our efforts on upgrading the 3 most iconic fragrances of the line.
Who is the new fragrance L'Evidence aimed at? How is it a committed fragrance ?
The new fragrance L'Evidence is the fragrance of women who want to have a positive impact on the world and leave their mark. It is aimed at women looking for authenticity and responds to their need for transparency, their desire to assert themselves and to make committed choices. L’Evidence is part of this desire for commitment, from its ingredients sourcing, to its formula, to its packaging. The raw materials selected come in part from responsible supply chain such as upcycled Peach from juice production waste or Patchouli, the exploitation of which supports local producers. The formula is made up of 95% ingredients of natural origin and uses 100% vegetal origin alcohol. Finally, this fragrance has been designed to reduce its footprint and limit itself to the essentials with a glass bottle and a cardboard, both lightened and the removal of plastic film.
5) What are the olfactory differences between the fragrances of the Comme une Evidence line and L’Evidence ?
We wanted to differentiate the historic Comme une Evidence line, around the Rose, from the new L'Evidence signed by a Magnolia. This new fragrance is a fresher and more luminous reinterpretation of classic chypres in a more sparkling florality.
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