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Yves Rocher

Discover our Lifting Végétal face care box set.

This box set contains:

1 Enhancing Day Care - All Skin Types - 1.6 fl. oz./50 ml jar
This face and neck care with its unprecedented and moisturizing active texture, creates an immediate shaping effect.
After 1 month, volume is enhanced, wrinkles appear reduced, and the face is redefined.

1 Fortifying Night Care - All Skin Types - 1.6 fl. oz./50 ml jar
This face and neck care with its bouncy balm texture, moisturizes and envelops skin in a veil of comfort.
In the morning, features are smoothed, skin seems reenergized.
After 1 month, wrinkles appear reduced, skin recovers its elasticity and tone.

1 Depuffing Lifting Eye Care - 0.47 fl. oz./14 ml tube
This fresh moisturizing gel texture reduces puffiness, and instantly refreshes the eyes.
After 1 month, wrinkles are reduced, and the dark rings and bags under the eyes appear diminished.
The eyes are luminous, fresher and appear enhanced.

Skin care problematic:
Over time, the activity of skin cells slows down and impacts all skin compartments.
In the dermis, fibroblasts are fewer in number and their activity decreases: they ynthesize less collagen and elastin, fibers essential to maintaining the architecture of skin.
This decrease in cellular dynamism associated with the loss of elasticity leads to the weakening of the dermal matrix, conditions conducive vto drooping and sagging skin.
These changes in the composition and quality of skin components are favorable to the appearance of signs of aging, including wrinkles.
In clinical practice, these changes can occur in a variety of ways:
• by the relaxation of the oval of the face (ptosis) and the neckline
• by the loss of tone and skin density
• by the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles (nasolabial folds, for example)
• by the accentuation of under eye bags

Our commitment:
• Vegan*
• Dermatologically tested
• Mineral oil free
• Formulas containing more than 95% ingredients from natural origin

*Products formulated without animal derivatives.


At Yves Rocher, we do our best to ensure that our customers experience expert skincare tailored to help everyone elevate their own beauty regime. Our ranges of Anti-Aging products have been crafted to help you unveil radiant beauty. We have products for all skin types from oily to normal to combination. Don't stop at just you. Introduce your loved ones to natural, accessible and committed beauty with our gift sets!

Reference: FD193

Discover the range
The Lifting revolution with botanical collagen.

Lifting Végétal

The Lifting revolution with botanical collagen.

Our Experts have discovered and developed its potential: a unique concentration of Botanical Collagen that improves the elasticity of skin and envelops it in a tightening veil.

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