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Yves Rocher

Monoï Oil: Your Secret Source of Hydration

The search for a nourishing body oil that suits your exact needs can be a lifelong journey. Finding a body and hair oil that is moisturizing but light, rich but not too heavy, is harder than it seems. Here is where Monoï comes in to the save the day.

What Is Monoï Oil?

Monoï oil is an elixir, made in Tahiti, from the infusion of tiare flowers in pure coconut oil. Monoï, which means "scented oil" in Tahitian, has long been a part of Polynesian culture. Monoï oil is a traditional beauty component used to moisturize skin and hair, leaving it smooth and soft. This ingredient is so versatile, it is even sometimes used as a medicinal cure!

Our Monoï oil stands out for its unique sun-filled Monoï oil aroma that remains on hair and skin throughout the day, thanks to 97.5% pure Monoï from Tahiti and 97% natural components. Imagine yourself walking through gorgeous Tahitian Gardenias, or along a sun-filled beach, if you're curious about the scent. Can you smell the warm freshness?

Monoï Oil: Hydration for Every Skin Type

It can be difficult to tell if oil-based products will work with your particular skin and hair texture. When it comes to skincare and haircare, everyone has various concerns. Caring for dry skin and hair differs significantly from caring for oily skin and hair.

Monoï comes to the rescue in this situation. Monoï oil is well-known for its universally restorative capabilities. Not sure what that means ? Monoï oil is lighter than most oils, allowing it to gently nourish your skin and hair regardless of your skin or hair type. It moisturizes the skin and softens the hair.

The Benefits of Monoï Oil for Skin & Hair

The amount of moisture Monoï oil provides to your skin and hair is the biggest benefit that comes out of including it in your daily beauty and skincare routine. Even if you have oily skin or hair, a lack of hydration could be the basis of the problem. When your skin or hair is dehydrated, your body responds by producing more oil to compensate. Having said that, it's important to ensure your hair and skin is properly hydrated.

Monoï oil has numerous advantages for your hair in particular. Traditional hair oils are sometimes too thick for thin, fine hair. Our Monoï-based dry oil, on the other hand, has the perfect consistency to provide your hair just the correct amount of hydration without making it feel oily. It not only nourishes and strengthens hair, but it also reduces frizz and breakage. Monoï oil's fresh, floral perfume will also leave your hair smelling lovely. What more could a person ask for?

Monoï oil

A Tahitian Beauty Secret

Tap into the beauty benefits of Monoï oil—known in Tahiti for its moisturizing, nourishing and softening properties for your skin and hair. Our Monoï oil is made by infusing Tiare flowers in pure coconut oil and is responsibly harvested from local Tahiti farms. Learn how Monoï oil can help you achieve glowing skin and stronger hair.

Traditional Nourishing Oil Monoï


How to:

Are you unsure how to apply Monoi oil? It's quite straightforward! Shake the bottle, warm the product between your hands, then massage the Monoi oil into your skin gently. After a shower, when your skin is still damp, is the greatest time to do it because the oil will absorb better. Monoi oil, on the other hand, can be used whenever your skin needs a boost of hydration!

Benefits of Traditional Monoi Oil:

What are the benefits of traditional Monoï oil? It nourishes the skin while immersing it with a highly irresistible sun aroma, made up of 97% natural ingredients, including 97.5% genuine Tahitian Monoi. The skin is deeply hydrated and smells like a tropical vacation.

Monoï Multi-Purpose Moisturizing Dry Oil

Get a sun-kissed glow with fast-absorbing dry oil

How to

Looking for the best dry body oil? This just might be the one! Plus, it's simple to use. Simply shake the bottle before applying thinly over your entire body and hair! This non-greasy light oil is ideal for hot weather or while you're on the road.

Benefits of Monoi dry body oil:

It nourishes the skin while also enhancing the colour of your tan. You may expect your hair to be softer and more luminous, with that beautiful Monoï scent.

Monoï Body Scrub-In-Oil Radiant Tan

Exfoliate to reveal that radiant tan

How to:

This unique exfoliating oil melts into the skin as the coconut shells remove all dead skin cells and impurities. Gently rub over your entire body, then rinse off and witness the oil turn in to a smooth, nourishing lotion on the skin.


Coconut shells' natural exfoliating power, along with coconut and Monoï oil, leave your skin feeling smoother and more hydrated, boosting your natural glow and extending the life of


Cleanse and nourish your skin all at once

How to:

Scrub your body and hair gently with the product while in the shower. Rinse carefully after finishing. You'll notice that it doesn't lather as much as traditional shower gels. This is perfectly normal and due to the sulfate-free, natural formula.


Our Monoï Gentle Hair & Body Wash, which is made up of 94% natural ingredients and is sulfate-free, gently cleanses the skin and hair while protecting the pH and balance of your skin. The hair is silky and smooth, and the skin feels less tight.

Eau de Toilette Vague d'Été

Dive into an infinite summer with the Monoï scent

How to:

Spritz this delicate Monoï eau de toilette onto your body, including your pulse points, to indulge in the sun-filled scent as if you were on a Tahitian beach.


This freshly scented perfume is made with 94% natural ingredients, so no matter what your skin type is, you may enjoy the lovely Monoi scent and summer on your skin all year long.

Body Mist Monoï

The smell of summer in a bottle

How to:

Apply a few spritzes of this Monoï mist to your body and hair wherever you are to enjoy the lovely beach scent. Refresh at any time of day and rediscover the feeling of a hot summer day.


This mist, made with 96% natural ingredients, will give you the light and fresh Monoï aroma you're looking for. Prepare to feel as if you're lying on a Tahitian beach.

Body & Hair Concentrated Shower Gel Monoï

Save the planet & enjoy the addictive Monoï scent

How to:

Work the Monoï shower gel between your hands and gently massage your body and hair. Thoroughly rinse. With its uniquely designed cap that dispenses exactly the correct amount of product needed, you'll be reducing waste and helping the planet!


This natural Monoï body and hair wash is made entirely of botanical ingredients and will leave you feeling clean, fresh, and smelling like a sunny Tahitian beach. Plus, for every concentrated shower gel sold, we plant a tree! This way, you can benefit from Monoï oil's many benefits while simultaneously helping the environment.

Hand Cream Monoï

Moisturize your hands with the beauty of Monoï

How to:

Throughout the day, apply as much product as you need to your hands. Enjoy the exquisite smell of natural Monoï oil with each application, made from tiare flowers infused with coconut oil.


This formula, made with 99% natural ingredients and vegan, moisturizes dehydrated skin while leaving a gentle, fresh aroma of Monoï oil. Be ready to be transported to the sunny beach whenever you reapply!


Give yourself a peaceful and revitalising summer skincare routine that includes all of Monoï oil's moisturising advantages.

  1. Remove dead skin cells and other impurities with a natural body scrub like the Monoï Body Scrub-In-Oil Radiant Tan.

  2. Use the Monoï Gentle Hair And Body Wash to gently cleanse and moisturise both skin and hair. Over time, using this Monoï body wash will enhance skin texture.

  3. Drench yourself in Monoï Traditional Nourishing Oil for bright skin and smooth hair. After that, rinse it off and enjoy the delicate smell of Monoï oil.

  4. Massage the Monoï Traditional Nourishing Oil into your body, starting with your hands and feet and working your way up to your heart, to deeply nourish your skin.

  5. To finish, spritz Vague d'Eté Eau de Toilette on your pulse points and breathe in the light, summer aroma that will transport you to a sunny Tahitian beach.

How To Build your Summer Skincare Routine

How To Build your Monoï Oil Skincare Routine

Give yourself a relaxing and rejuvenating daily skincare routine during summer that’s rich in all the hydrating benefits of Monoï oil.

  1. Use a natural body scrub like the Monoï Body Scrub-In-Oil Radiant Tan to get rid of dead skin cells and any other impurities.

  2. Gently cleanse and hydrate both skin and hair using the Monoï Gentle Hair and Body Wash. Using this Monoï body wash is sure to improve skin texture over time.

  3. For radiant skin, drench yourself in Monoï Multi-Purpose Moisturizing Dry Oil - Body And Hair. Then rinse it off and take in the lingering captivating scent.

  4. To nourish your skin, massage Monoï Traditional Nourishing Oil into your body, starting with your hands and feet and moving towards your heart.

  5. To finish, add a spritz of Vague d’Eté Eau de Toilette to your pulse points and let this light, summer scent envelop you.

Create you own Monoï routine to moisturize and perfume your hair and skin

Monoï - New products Kit

Monoï - New products Kit

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Solid Shampoos

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Solid Shampoos

A small gesture, a mighty commitment
1 purchased product = 1 planted tree*

Discover them

Solid shampoo

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