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Vetiver from Haiti Revitalizing Shower Gel
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 Essential oil of Haitian vetiver
Essential oil of Haitian vetiver
Originally from the island of Haiti, vetiver is an exotic and invigorating botanical. Its intense fragrance based on green and woody harmonies transmits all the force of nature to you in a concentrate of intense freshness.

Key botanicals: essential oil of Haitian vetiver, plant glycerin, washing base of plant origin.

Neutral pH for skin.
Formula is easily biodegradable.

2 min

2 min

This delicately scented gel turns into a fine, light foam that restores the skin's balance

Think about the environment: turn off shower while shampooing.

Vetiver from Haiti Revitalizing Shower Gel

An ultra-fresh and revitalizing fragrance!

Succumb to the invigorating fragrance of Haitian Vetiver!

Discover Vetiver from the island of Haiti and through its intense fragrance benefit from the full force of nature.
This foaming gel washes your body in a single gesture, leaving it refreshed and revitalized!

The Plus: Its intense and invigorating fragrance!
- Neutral pH
- Easily biodegradable formula
- Recyclable bottle

8.4 fl.oz. Bottle / 250 ml

REF : 13133

Bottle: 250 ml

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