Youthful Glow

1.0 fl. oz / 30 ml pump-bottle

Discover the smoothing power of Rose Wax Pearls, an Yves Rocher exclusivity! The Pearls instantly bring a youthful glow to your complexion, making it appear perfectly smooth and radiant without marking facial features.

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Beige rose 000

Beige rose 100

Beige rose 200

Beige rose 300

Beige 000

Beige 100

Beige 200

Beige 300

Beige 400

Golden Beige 200

Beige 300

Foundation Brush

6” / 16 cm, Ref. 70458

Its rounded shape and synthetic hairs ensure uniform application of your foundation, for a flawless result!

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Radiant Youth Corrector Pen

0.5 fl. oz. / 1.5 ml pen

Thanks to its creamy texture it will blend perfectly after a single stroke of its brush tip. Your features won’t be marked and your wrinkles and dark areas concealed. Your complexion will instantly appear radiant and well rested!

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$15.40 instead of

Youthful Glow Powder

0.29 fl. oz. / 8 g compact

Thanks to its fine, silky texture, your skin tone will be instantly smoothed to give it the radiance of renewed youth!

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Beige 100 Porcelain Complexion

Beige 200 Fair Complexion

Beige 300 Medium Complexion

Beige 400 Olive Complexion

Smoothing pearls wrapped in Rose Wax

Beige 400 Olive Complexion

Max Herlant, Makeup Advisor of the Yves Rocher brand

Apply the Radiant Corrector Pen to dark areas (under the eyes, as well as on the sides of the nose, around the lips and on expression lines) using the brush, then tap with your fingertips to blend the texture perfectly on the skin. The pen may be used by itself or after applying foundation.