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Annual FASHION Readers’ Choice Beauty Awards
The annual FASHION Readers’ Choice Beauty Awards invite beauty devotees across Canada to vote for their favourite products. 24-HR Antioxidant Shield Serum Cure Solution was elected better serum of its category of prices.
This year was the 9th edition of this competition organized by FASHION.
24-HR Antioxidant Shield Serum
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The secret of Moringa peptids' action against aggressions
The secret of Moringa peptids' action against aggressions
In Africa, the Moringa is called the “miracle tree”: its leaves are healing and its fruit is nourishing. As for its seeds, they have the extraordinary power to clarify water full of dust and impurities, making it fit for consumption. It is at the heart of this seed that Yves Rocher Botanical Beauty Research isolated Moringa Peptid molecules – molecules that have the capacity to combat the environmental aggressions that accelerate skin-aging.

Acting as shields, Moringa Peptids have demonstrated a dual effectiveness against oxidation and suffocation: they combat skin oxidation and keep polluting particles from adhering to the skin. The skin is effectively protected and defends its youthfulness every day.

Key botanicals: organic aloe vera gel, moringa extract, purified aphloia extract, tara gum.

1 min

Use the pre-treatment serum. Wait a few minutes before applying your day cream in order to let the serum deeply penetrate and fully protect skin.

24 hours of active defense for your face.

In 82%* of cases, an immediate antioxidant effectiveness is demonstrated by instrumental measurements.

The users approved of 24-HR Antioxidant Shield Serum:
- 85%** smooth features,
- 85%** strenghthened skin.

* Instrumental measure of squalene peroxide. Decrease in squalene of 18% in average on 82% of women immediately after application.
** Percentage of satisfaction, effectiveness noted by 27 women after 1 month of use. Usage test.
Cure Solutions

24-HR Antioxidant Shield Serum

24 hours of active defense for your face.

A genuine youth filter, Shield Serum 24-HR Antioxidant is enriched with Moringa Peptids. Every day, alone or as preparatory care, it:
- Protects the skin thanks to its anti-oxidation properties,
- Forms a shield against polluting particles,
- Repairs damage caused to skin.

In 1 month, wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed, the skin is visibly reinforced and the complexion is revived.

The Plus: You will like: Its supple, sheathing texture that closely espouses the skin for close protection. Its silky yet powdery finish makes it an excellent make-up base.

1.0 fl.oz. Pump-bottle / 30 ml

REF : 37100

Pump-bottle: 30 ml

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