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Restructuring Day Care
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The moisture capturing power of botanical saps
Botanical beauty innovation moisture capture botanical saps
Yves Rocher Botanical Beauty Research chose botanical Maple and Blue Agave saps for their amazing moisture-capturing power. Combined with patented botanical Betaine, they create a genuine water reservoir within skin that:
- offers a source of lasting moisturizing*,
- distributes moisture throughout the different layers of the epidermis, even the most dehydrated, to guarantee in-depth moisturizing.**
Skin is filled with water, intensely and lastingly moisturized, as if plumped** and radiant with beauty!

“Moisture Capture Botanical Saps have the ability to distribute moisture to all layers of the epidermis. And to respect nature, our saps are obtained through a natural extraction process.” Xavier Ormancey - Yves Rocher R & D Director

* In vitro test
** In vivo test by raman spectroscopy
Take a small amount of Restructuring Care and warm it between the palms of your hands. Smooth outwards over the entire face.

Apply the Restructuring Care every morning, after the Double Action Essence.
Elixir Jeunesse

Restructuring Day Care

Reduces the harmful effects of pollution!

Factors such as pollution, fatigue and stress all accelerate skin aging.
The overconcentrated Aphloia extract, which is easily absorbed* by skin, fights against the harmful effects of aging accelerators (pollution, blue light, fatigue and stress) thanks to a double action:
• At the surface, oxidizing aggressions and the harmful effects of pollutants are limited.*
• It boosts the skin repair* and defense systems of skin due to its hydrating action*.

• Immediately: detoxified, your skin is energized and your complexion is radiant.
• Day after day: wrinkles appear reduced. Moisturized, your skin is strengthened and repaired**.

Botanical Beauty Commitments:
• Recyclable glass jar, cardboard from sustainably managed forests
• Natural extract from a Madagascan supplier that helps respect the environment.
• Formula tested under dermatological supervision
• Formula containing more than 93% ingredients from natural origin
• Mineral oil free, silicone free, colorant free, paraben free

*In vitro tests.
**In terms of hydration

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