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Energizing Exfoliating Shower Gel - Raspberry Peppermint
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Peppermint and Raspberry
Yves Rocher has selected Peppermint essence for its aromatic notes that bring a burst of intense freshness.
A true energy and vitality boost, it helps you regain vivacity.
Its icy freshness, subtly combined with the tangy freshness of Raspberry, results in a sparkling cocktail of energy. 

Energizing Exfoliating Shower Gel - Raspberry Peppermint

The pleasure of an exfoliating shower gel with 100% fruit seeds and energizing benefits.

Does your skin need exfoliation?
For the pleasure of clean and gently exfoliated skin every day, our chain of experts, unique since 1959, has selected and combined Peppermint essential oil (in the fragrance), a Raspberry extract and fruit seeds.
Use daily.

Bonus +: 100% fruit seed scrubs.

Botanical Beauty Commitments
Botanical-based ingredients: Apricot kernel powder and Kiwi seeds, Peppermint essential oil (in the fragrance), Raspberry extract.
This formula contains more than 96% ingredients from natural origin.
Easily biodegradable formula.
Eco-tube with 25% less plastic than the previous tube.
Paraben free. 

6.7 fl. Oz. / 200 ml Tube
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