Loose Pearls-Intense illuminating effect - Taupe
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Vegetal Sophorine
Vegetal Sophorine
Soothing virgin organic sweet almond oil is a plant oil extracted from almond seeds. Rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, this oil is known for its soothing, emollient and healing properties.

Loose Pearls-Intense illuminating effect - Taupe

Intense illuminating effect

For women who wish to obtain an ultra-luminous look. The Pure Nacres - Intense illuminating effect provide an extraordinary makeup effect: an intense reflection of light and incomparable sparkle.

User test evaluation:
- color is sparkling, luminous and scintillating (95%)*
- their eyes are enhanced and illuminated (over 86%)*
- the product doesn’t dry eyelids (95%)*
- the powder texture is ultra soft (95%)

They contain soothing virgin organic sweet almond.

To intensify your look, use with melt-in khol that underlines the eye contour and deepens the look.

Bottle 0.1 oz. / 3g

*User test under ophthalmological supervision for 21 women during three weeks.

REF : 67547

Bottle: 3 g

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