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So Elixir Purple Eau de Parfum

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So Elixir Purple Perfumed Body Lotion
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A unique floral woody fragrance and ultra-feminine
The unique blend of tuberose and vetiver
The floral fragrance of tuberose is rich and enchanting. With fruity, lactonic, honeyed facets accented with jasmine and orange blossom, its infusion creates a magnetic and highly addictive note.
The scent of vetiver creates surprising contrasts: raw and warm, dry and mellow, earthy and smoky. Its essential oil adds elegance and vibrancy to the fragrance.
A creation with facets of bergamot, benzoin and patchouli. The scent of bergamot is lively and effervescent. The scent of benzoin gives off vanilla and resin tones with smooth and spicy accents. Patchouli gives off an enveloping fragrance, a blend of the woods with fertile earth.

Key botanicals: organically grown sesame oil and cornflower water, essential oils of bergamot, mandarin and patchouli.

5 min

2 min

Starting at legs, apply this silky lotion to moisturize entire body.

Suggestion: Focus on rough areas such as elbows.

Marie Salamagne, parfumeur
A creation by Marie Salamagne, perfumer.
"For this reinterpretation of SO ELIXIR YVES ROCHER, from the outset, I wanted to work on a woody floral fragrance that is both sensual and modern with a strong signature that leaves an enveloping scent in its wake.

The idea of the tuberose came to me quite naturally. Rich and enchanting to the extreme, it is in my opinion the most glamorous flower in perfumery, the archetype of femininity.

I wanted to combine it with vetiver, a wood with vibrant tonalities, and of course patchouli, as an allusion to the signature of the original fragrance

From this unexpected encounter a unique floral woody fragrance was born, modern and ultra-feminine with a mysterious and confident sensuality."

So Elixir Purple Perfumed Body Lotion

Reveal your seductive power.

This moisturizing body lotion enriched with Organic Sesame Oil, wraps the body in the floral and woody notes of YVES ROCHER'S SO ELIXIR PURPLE.

Its easily absorbed formula leaves your skin velvety soft and intensely scented!

6.7 fl.oz. Bottle / 200 ml

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Bottle: 200 ml