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Relaxing Botanical Oil– Body & Massage - Orange Blossom - Lavender - Petitgrain
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A selection of essential oils with well-known soothing benefits, Lavender, Petit Grain and Orange Blossom, for a relaxing routine to save for exceptional moments when you really want to pamper yourself with time on your hands...

Lavender Essential Oil
Its fresh, aromatic and floral tonalities combine with amber and suave facets. Yves Rocher chose it for its soothing and energizing properties. It brings back tender olfactory memories of peace, harmony and serenity.

Petitgrain essential Oil
Fresh, green, vibrant, the Petit Grain disperses its floral tonality for a sparkling and caressing signature with soothing benefits. The young stems are harvested when the fruit is still full and green. Then they are delicately distilled using steam.

Orange Blossom essential oil
Yves Rocher has chosen Orange Blossom from Morocco that is harvested in spring and summer.
It perfumes the clear water basins on patios.
When everyone is taking a nap, its languid freshness brings a delicious calm.

Relaxing Botanical Oil – Body & Massage - Orange Blossom - Lavender

The benefits of a relaxing body and massage oil for body and mind.

Do you want to experience a moment of pure pleasure and well-being?
Our chain of experts, unique since 1959, has selected and combined 5 nourishing botanical oils with essential oils (in the fragrance) recognized as relaxing. Its silky texture nourishes and beautifies skin daily by leaving it delicately perfumed.
When used for a massage, it provides a moment of intense relaxation.

Bonus +: 2-in-1 use, daily nourishing body care or massage oil.

Botanical Beauty Commitments
Botanical-based ingredients: Jojoba, Macadamia, Safflower, Apricot kernel oils and Coconut and Orange Blossom, Lavender and Petitgrain essential oils*.
This formula contains more than 98% ingredients from natural origin.
Recyclable bottle containing recycled plastic.
Mineral oil free, colorant free, preservative free.

5 fl. Oz. / 150 ml Bottle

*In the fragrance
picto-best picto--50%
$5.00 instead of

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Bottle: 150 ml

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