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Polishing Foot Scrub
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Lavander essential oil
Lavender essential oil
Lavender has long been known for its relaxing and purifying virtues. The lavender selected by Yves Rocher Research is a variety of the Lavandula Augustifolia species, chosen for its wealth of essential oil and flawless quality.
It is organically-grown by local family-run operations which carry on the Provençal tradition and know-how of lavender growing. The freshly-picked lavender sprigs are immediately steam-distilled to extract the active substances that give us our organic lavender essential oil.

Key botanicals: Organic lavender essential oil for the well-being and comfort of your feet, Apricot kernel powder to gently scrub.

1 min

1 min

2 min

Apply the scrub to damp skin or, in the case of very rough spots, apply to dry skin.

Massage firmly with circular movements to combine a relaxing and beauty effect.

Then rinse well and dry your feet completely by sliding a corner of a towel between each toe. For truly irresistible feet, apply the Nourishing Cream after the scrub.

Polishing Foot Scrub

Smoothes away roughness.

This scrub smoothes away roughness and leaves feet soft.

Its plants :
- Organic lavender essential oil for the well-being and comfort of your feet
- Apricot kernel powder to gently scrub

Apply to wet feet once or twice weekly, massaging with circular movements, then rinse.
*Not for use by pregnant women.

1.6 fl.oz. Tube / 50 ml

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Tube: 50 ml
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