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Gentle Shower Gel - Sensitive Skin - bath and shower
Gentle Shower Gel - Sensitive Skin - bath and shower
Gentle Shower Gel - Sensitive Skin - bath and shower
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Witch Hazel

The new Yves Rocher body care line is enriched with organic Witch Hazel extract. This botanical extract soothes, softens skin and strengthens its hydrolipidic film. Moreover,our organic Witch Hazel extract respects the balance of the skin microbiota. Soothed and more comfortable, skin is less sensitive and can therefore play its natural protective role.

Use this gentle shower gel daily. Rinse thoroughly.
Gentle Botanical Body Care

Gentle Shower Gel - Sensitive Skin 400 ml

Gently cleanses and immediately soothes sensitive skin

This gentle shower gel is the daily shower care for the entire family. Its sulfate-free* formula, enriched with organic Witch Hazel, gently cleanses and soothes your skin in the shower.

Sensitive skin is weakened skin that struggles to protect itself. This shower gel, enriched with organic Witch Hazel, respects the balance of the skin microbiota, allowing your skin to regain its natural balance. Straight out of the shower, your skin is protected, it feels supple and comfortable.

• Protects against dryness in the shower
• Immediately soothes your skin
• Nourishes your skin in the shower
• Maintains and strengthens the hydrolipidic film of skin
• Respects the pH balance of skin
• Strengthens the balance of the skin microbiota***

Its +: An ultra-gentle, foaming and sulfate-free* formula that is delicately scented.

Texture: A foaming, sulfate-free* gel texture that gently cleanses sensitive skin.

Our Commitment:
• Fragrance-free and sulfate-free* formula reduced to the essentials.
• Respects the hydrolipidic film of skin.
• Dermatologically tested, this cleansing cream is suitable for children ages 3 and up.
• 97% ingredients from natural origin.
• Vegan****

13.5 fl. oz./400 ml bottle

*Sulfate-free surfactant
**Our Botanical Beauty researchers selected organic Witch Hazel for its soothing, softening properties and the way it protects the skin microbiota.
***In our increasingly urban environment, our skin is exposed to external aggressions on a daily basis, which disturb its balance and well-being ( UV, pollution, stress, etc.).
Faced with these factors, the skin microbiota is thrown off balance and can no longer play its protective role: the skin then becomes reactive, tight, and sensitive.
Adjusting your beauty routine and preserving the balance of the skin microbiota is therefore a real solution to protect sensitive skin.
****Products formulated without animal derivatives.


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