Energizing Shower Gel - Spanish Pomegranate
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The sparkling and invigorating scent of Pomegranate
Pomegranate from Spain
Discover Pomegranate from Spain, particularly delightful with its sparkling and invigorating scent. Underneath its thick skin, the pomegranate contains numerous translucent and juicy seeds, which burst at the slightest pressure, spreading its delicious scent.

Key botanicals: Spanish Pomegranate extract, organic Aloe Vera, botanical cleansing base.
Easily biodegradable formula.
Paraben free.

2 min

2 min

This delicately scented gel turns into a fine, light foam that restores the skin's balance

Think about the environment: turn off shower while shampooing.

Energizing Shower Gel - Spanish Pomegranate

Its sparkling scent invigorates your body!

Awaken your senses with juicy and delicious Pomegranate from Spain!

This sparkling shower gel invigorates your body and gently cleanses your skin with its creamy lather.

The Plus: Its formula contains more than 90% natural ingredients!

- Easily biodegradable formula
- Paraben free

8.4 fl.oz. Bottle / 250 ml

REF : 00240

Bottle: 250 ml

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