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Energizing Bath Cube - Lemon Basil
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Lemon and Basil

It is under the Mediterranean sun that Yves Rocher has selected Lemon essence for its stimulating and energizing notes.
Its zesty vivacity, its toning and spontaneous notes distil a lively and effervescent freshness.
Our Botanists have combined it with the invigorating and revitalizing aromatic notes of Basil.
Together, they light up your mornings giving you a sense of well-being.

Energizing Bath Cube - Lemon Basil

The pleasure of an effervescent bath with energizing benefits.

Do you want to experience a moment of invigorating pleasure in the bath?
Discover the ultra fresh combination of the Lemon and Basil essential oils (in the fragrance).
When it comes in contact with water, the bath cube dissolves into a multitude of perfumed micro-bubbles that burst on your skin.
It leaves your skin delicately perfumed with zesty and aromatic notes.

Botanical Beauty Commitments
Botanical-based ingredients: Basil and Lemon essential oils (in the fragrance).
This formula contains more than 95% ingredients from natural origin.
Preservative free.

0.52 Oz / 15 g Sachet.
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