Night Repair Hand Balm
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Arnica, beautiful and soft up to your fingertips.
Arnica extract has soothing and protective virtues. Since Arnica Montana is becoming increasingly rare, Yves Rocher is committed to cultivating organic non-endangered Arnica Chamissonis. This alternate species has comparable cosmetic properties. Preserving a plant that preserves the beauty of your skin, is a just reward ... With 50 years of hand care expertise, your hands have never been so beautiful.

1 min

1 min

Apply a pearl-size amount of cream to the back of your hands.

Gently massage towards wrists, until lotion is absorbed.

Night Repair Hand Balm

Nourishes, smoothes and regenerates hands

Wake up to soothed, soft hands
This rich, creamy hand balm works while you sleep, leaving hands intensely moisturized and nourished. Contains organically grown Arnica Chamissonis extract, known for its soothing, protective and regenerative properties.

1.7 fl.oz. Tube / 50 ml

REF : 12968

Tube: 50 ml

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