Rose Absolute Eau de Parfum
Rose Absolute Eau de Parfum
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Rose absolute
Nature whispers her most beautiful secrets…
Rose Absolute pays tribute to one of the most legendary raw materials of perfumery, rose absolute – or rather rose absolutes, because here two are used to majestic effect.

Rose Absolute perfume was born from a marriage of two of the finest absolutes from damascene roses, the most textured, voluptuous and infinitely sensual of all rose varieties.

The first, the quintessence of Turkish and Bulgarian roses, was selected for its blending qualities and intriguing facets.
A native of Morocco, the second is full of honeyed waxes and was chosen for its carnal and bewitching facets.

Rose Absolute Eau de Parfum

The absolute femininity of a rose.

Introducing NEW Rose Absolute Eau de Parfum!
For women who love the very best in a floral fragrance, this sublime scent was created from two high-quality Damask roses with the most voluptuous, sensual and complex notes. Then, a warm touch of cinnamon, tonka bean and patchouli were added to create a fragrant aura of mystery, magic and absolute beauty.

Olfactive Family : Floriental Oriental Woody
Head Note: Rose Damascena.
Mid Note: Cinnamon.
Base Notes: Tonka Bean, Patchouli.

1.7 fl. oz./ 50 ml spray

REF : 12080

Spray: 50 ml

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