Lash Plumping Mascara - Black - Travel Size
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Botanical Secret: thickening and reparative rice wax.
The rice wax is extracted from its rice brain (from the outer layer that envelops the grain of rice). Its texture gives it the following properties: it repairs lashes, it smoothes the scales of the lashes, it thickens, it increases the diameter of the lashes, for lashes that are fully plumped.

Lash Plumping Mascara - Black - Travel Size

A fringe of thick, plump lashes

Volumizing mascara ideal for plumping your lashes and opening your eyes!
- A long-lasting creamy texture (12 hours) that coats your lashes one-by-one to plump them.
- A fibre-effect brush that reaches every lash, even the smallest.

The Plus: its small size, perfect for touch-ups.

0.08 fl.oz. Tube / 2.5 ml

REF : 18564

Tube: 2.5 ml

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