Moisturizing Cream Lipstick - Velvet Red
Moisturizing Cream Lipstick - Velvet Red
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Nourishing organic sesame oil
Nourishing organic sesame oil
The sesame is a tropical herbaceous plant; the part used is the seed. The oil extracted from it is rich in essential fatty acids.
It is nourishing and hydrates the skin well. An organic sesame oil is used for this lipstick.
Other botanical ingredients:
- Shea butter: for its nourishing properties,
- Apricot oil: for its nourishing, hydrating properties,
- Musk rose oil: for its hydrating properties.

Key botanicals: Organic sesame oil, shea butter, apricot oil, musk rose oil and vitamin E.

Tested under dermatological supervision.

Moisturizing Cream Lipstick - Velvet Red

Pure satin colour !

This winter, illuminate your lips with this trendy new shade our limited edition Velvet Red moisturizing cream Lipstick!

This intense satin shade is the perfect final touch to your makeup for luminous lips and a smile that is brighter than ever!

Its creamy, moisturizing and nourishing texture provides impeccable coverage. It is non-sticky, does not run, and redefines the sharp contours and curves of the lips!

The Plus: The package, where red blends into gold to become a true object of desire!

0.13 oz. Stick / 3.7 g

REF : 84746

Stick: 3.7 g

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