Plumping Sheer Gloss - Nectarine
Plumping Sheer Gloss - Nectarine
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Plumping Sheer Gloss - Nectarine

Crystalline color, mirror-like shine

Luscious, delightfully coloured lips, supple and rounded.
A fresh, comfortable texture, plumping and volumizing, forms a film that shapes the lips.
Crystalline, mirror like colours, playing on transparency and the gloss effect. A mirror effect make-up finish, 100% shine.

Plumping Sheer Gloss contains the natural benefits of Botanical spheres

Tested under dermatological supervision

The Plus : The applicator brush which releases exactly the right amount of gloss for an ideal plumped effect

0.17 fl.oz/5 ml tube

REF : 41408

Tube: 5 ml

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