Single Eyeshadow - Taupe bruyère
Single Eyeshadow - Taupe bruyère
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With silky bamboo silica extract

The silica extract comes from the core of bamboo. Its ability to absorb the oily film, responsible for the flowing quality of the formula, helps the powder adhere to the eyes without running.

Single Eyeshadow - Taupe bruyère

Pure, adjustable and long-lasting color with bamboo silica extract

For a velvety, luminous, subtly iridescent eyes.
A very soft, silky powder texture, easy to apply, for a very even, harmonious result. Instant coverage, use as much as you like, to play on lightness or intensity. Long wear, 6h without running, luminous true colour.

The Single Eyeshadow contains all the natural benefits of bamboo silica extract.

Tested under ophthalmological supervision

The Plus :
-Colour stays true from compact to skin
-Quality applicator

1.0 oz/3 g compact

REF : 32334

Compact: 3 g

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