Curl Extender Mascara - Black
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Curl Extender Mascara - Black

Stretched, lengthened lashes + elastometer brush with organic agave sap

The eyes look alluring, deep and intense
A texture which coats, extends and perfectly separates the lashes one by one. A flexible, high definition elastomer brush which, thanks to its 4 combs, sculpts the eyes marvellously: the detangling bristles style the lashes with precision and perfectly smooth them; the longer bristles boost the lengthening effect. They visibly extend the lashes to give them an attractive curve right to the tip.

Curl extender mascara contains all the natural benefits of organic agave sap

Tested under ophthalmological supervision
Suitable for all skin types.

The Plus : The exclusive Yves Rocher ultra-lengthening elastomer brush

0.17 fl.oz. Tube / 5 ml

REF : 30349

Tube: 5 ml

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