Toning Water Mist
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Hydra Specific draws its moisturizing properties from the plant core, from the maple. This tree has a secret which enables it to preserve its moisture balance during the hardest frosts: the sap contains active molecules, known as osmolytes, which regulate the movement of water in the cells. In the skin these osmolytes are able to stimulate hydration in depth.

Beauty Benefits: The skin is rehydrated. It is newly soft, smooth and radiating.

1 min

1 min

To perfect the cleansing your skin, spray the Toning Water mist all over your face.

Wipe skin with a cotton pad or tissue by tapping gently.

Toning Water Mist

The first step to moisturized skin

Ideal to finish cleansing the face, toning mister effectively eliminates all trace of make-up, tones the skin and provides first moisturization

The ultra-refreshing texture procures a pleasant sensation of cleanliness and freshness.
Perfect in the a.m. to revive your complexion, during the day to refresh, and at night to perfect facial cleansing.

Result: the skin is moisturized and supple, gently reviving the radiance of your complexion.
Organic plant extracts : Maple Syrup

The Plus : Pleasant, practical, easy to use at any time of day.

Tested under dermatological supervision.

5.0 fl.oz./150 ml bottle.

REF : 18033

Spray: 150 ml

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