1.6 fl. oz. / 50 ml Spray, Ref. 47606

This original musky floral creation based on Neroli provides
a sensual and refined sensation of freshness thanks to its
exceptional raw materials. A fragrance that infuses your
skin with its soft, caressing scent!

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Perfumed Shower Gel

6.7 fl. oz./ 200 ml Bottle, Ref. 47874

Enriched in Organic Cornflower Water,
this sumptuous shower gel envelops your
skin in softness and leaves it softly
scented with notes of Neroli.

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Perfumed body lotion

6.7 fl. oz./ 200 ml Bottle, Ref. 47998

Enriched with Organic Sesame Oil,
this body lotion’s creamy formula
leaves your skin velvety-soft and
gently perfumed with the scent of Neroli.

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"This perfume is my tribute to Neroli. It emanates all the extractions of Bigarade. The head notes give off
Essence of Bigarade from the fruit, while Essence of Petitgrain from the leaf gives it a lovely sophisticated
freshness, accentuated by Bergamot. The heart notes express the luminous, sensual and voluptuous
scent of the flower, thanks to Orange Blossom Absolute and Neroli. The base notes envelop you in a
lingering soft caress of voluptuous musk."


The Secret of Neroli

To create Neroli Secrets d'Essences, Yves Rocher has used exceptional raw materials derived from Bigarade plantations. At dawn, when the White Bigarade Blossoms are drenched with the sun's first rays, their petals are in their prime. One by one, the flowers are gathered in huge lined baskets. The five star-shaped petals give off a delicious fresh scent.

The flowers:

This meticulous work produces minuscule results: barely six kilos of petals per day, from which the two natural raw materials that make up the rich floral heart of Neroli Secrets d’Essences are extracted. They consist of Neroli Essential Oil with its delicate floral note and Orange Blossom Absolute, with its warm; honeyed and sensual notes.

The Leaves and Fruit:

The Bigarade Leaves and Fruit themselves provide a beautiful Citrus quality: Petitgrain Bigarade and Bigarade Orange Essential Oil. They are the ones that give the head notes all their fresh zesty sparkle and announce the floral heart notes.