Single Eyeshadow
Intense Color

2,5 g compact

36 new colors and a new creamy powder texture that reveals all the intensity of the color! Easy to apply, its coverage is adjustable according to the desired effect with a perfect hold.



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Paraben free
Botanical-based ingredient: Rice Extract
Tested under ophthalmic supervision
(1)Test of efficacy carried out on 32 women




Sky Blue

Rosy Taupe

Nude Rose


Pearly White


Turquoise Green


Dark Violet

Pepper Rose

Cinnamon Brown



Peacock Green

Abyssal Blue


Pastel Violet

Cocoa Brown

Golden Beige

Sparkling Gold
Sparkling Pewter
Sparkling Blue
Sparkling Brown
Sparkling Copper
Sparkling Black
Matte Tea Rose
Matte Smokey Grey
Matte Pop Violet
Matte Woody Rose
Matte Coffee Brown
Matte Flash Orange
Matte Ash Brown
Matte Ebony Black
Matte Indigo Blue

I want an angled edge for
smooth precision!

Angled Eye Brush

5.5”/14 cm - Ref. 71259

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Outline the eye in a
darker shade using
the beveled edge.
Swipe the line out a
bit at the outer corner.

I want a rounded, tapered brush
for perfect blending!

Eye Crease Brush

5.5”/14 cm - Ref. 71586

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Apply darker shades
directly in the crease
for fullness.
Blend eyeshadow
carefully for a
finished look.