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Lotus Flower from Laos Liquid Hand Soap
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Laotian Lotus Shower Gel
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The Lotus Flower.
Yves Rocher has selected the lotus flower that begins growing in the waters of Laos. One of the oldest symbols of purity and spiritual development, the Lotus begins to develop under water to later bloom on the surface in the sunlight - a flower of great beauty.

Did you know? The Lotus does not float, but rises to the surface from its stem.

2 min

2 min

This delicately scented gel turns into a fine, light foam that restores the skin's balance

Think about the environment: turn off shower while shampooing.

Les Jardins du Monde

Laotian Lotus Shower Gel

A fragrant delight!

Stroll through a Laotian water garden!

The Lotus Flower of Laos reveals its soothing scent with delicate notes! The botanical cleansing base of this shower gel offers you the treat of a relaxing shower, as it gently cleanses your skin.
Every day, rediscover the fine, light and softly scented lather of our Laotian Lotus Flower Shower Gel to start your day off right!

The Plus: Its pure and relaxing scent!

- Neutral pH
- Easily biodegradable formula
- Recyclable bottle

8.4 fl.oz. Bottle / 250 ml

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Bottle: 250 ml

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