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Comforting Anti-Wrinkle Mask
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Intense Regenerating Care
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30 botanical oils
30 botanical oils
The Yves Rocher Botanical Beauty Research has selected 30 Precious Oils, rich in active anti-aging ingredients, to enhance the radiance and softness of your skin, renewing and protecting it from the effects of aging.

Intense Regenerating Care that gently repairs your skin.
Formula tested under dermatological supervision.

1 min

1 min

To restore comfort, stimulate skin that is sometimes too supple and add color to your cheeks by activating blood circulation: place your hands flat on each side of your chin, fingertips pointing towards eyes, and move your hands upwards in the direction of your ears.

Place your hands flat on either side of your forehead, fingertips touching the center of your forehead: massage with your fingertips, always moving your hands in the same direction, from the center of the forehead outwards. Repeat until product is totally absorbed.

Riche Crème

Intense Regenerating Care

Intensely nourishes skin.

You want your skin to feel incredibly supple?

Our Botanical Beauty experts have selected 30 Precious Oils rich in antiaging benefits. Today, this unparalleled expertise allowed them to enrich your skin care with an exceptional oil, the 1000 Roses Oil. More than a 1000 Damascena Roses were picked to obtain a kilo of this oil, rich in elements essential to the regeneration of the appearance of your skin*.

• Wrinkles are smoothed, skin is more supple and comfortable.
• After 1 month, skin appears nourished and regenerated.

The Plus: Its sumptious, creamy texture leaves skin smooth to the touch.

Skin is more supple and comfortable for 90%* of women.
Skin appears nourished and regenerated for 80%* of women.

2.5 fl. o.z. / 75 ml Jar.

*Satisfaction test carried out on 156 women during a 4-week period, twice-daily application.
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