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Detox Scrub
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Apply the scrub on wet roots 1 to 2 times a week, before your shampoo, and massage in. Rinse abundantly.
Since the exfoliating particles are of 100% natural origin, there may be black seeds in the texture.

Detox Scrub

Rids the hair of pollution and oxygenates the scalp

Gently exfoliated, the scalp is rid of polluting particles and other suffocating substances (hair care products, tobacco...).
Healthy and oxygenated from the roots, your hair is lighter and becomes oily less quickly.

Our Botanical Beauty Research experts have selected the Moringa seed extract, traditionally used to purify water.
The proteins contained in Moringa seeds have the particularity of purifying water from its impurities.

- The scalp becomes oily less quickly.*
-Eliminates 94%** of the fine carbon particles

Botanical Beauty Commitments:
Moringa seed extract from a 100% natural extraction procedure
Silicone free, colorant free, paraben free
Exfoliating seeds from 100% natural origin

150 ml / 5 fl.oz. Tube

*Clinical study supported by 12 women
**Clinical study supported by 13 women
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Tube: 150 ml
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