Fight 1st wrinkles and
signs of fatigue*

*In terms of appearance.

In 1 day: Skin appears re-energized.
In 1 week: 1st wrinkles appear smoothed.
In 1 month: Skin appears radiant with youth.

12 years of research

Combination of 7 plants – 9 patents

Because botanicals are the greatest source of energy in
the living world, Yves Rocher has developed the Elixir 7.9
Complex, a combination of 7 plants with anti-aging power
recognized by 9 patents.

“This unique complex boosts skin’s energy
reserves and reactivates its youth.*”

*In vitro test

Xavier Ormancey,
Director, Research and Development, Yves Rocher

Apple Oligosides

Origin : France

- Smoothes wrinkles
- Boosts radiance and refines skin texture
- Improves the global function of the skin

Green Rice Inositol

Origin: Japan

- Improves radiance and
the overall look of the skin
- Lets skin fully breathe

Seed Extract

Origin: Asia

- Improves volume,
elasticity and density
of the skin

Aloe Vera Polyosides

Origin: Mexico

- Strengthens the derm
- Strengthens protection and hydration:
consolidates the barrier function of the epidermis
- Improves hydration

Aphloia Extract

Origin: Madagascar

- Protects against
environmental stressors

Beet root extract

Origin : France

- Protects against
environmental stressors
- Protects against dehydration
and stimulates rehydration

Tara seed extracts

Origin : Peru

- Improves skin’s cohesion between
the derm and the epidermis
- Fights against sagging skin: strengthens
the dermo-epidermal junction