The power of ORGANIC cosmetics
for a radiant look!

Powerful, concentrated and nourishing, our organic skincare line contains up to 85% organic plant extracts that blend beauty with nature.

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day care

This light and creamy skin care smoothes wrinkles and protects your skin against
external aggressions.

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This product is temporarily Out of Stock

This product is temporarily Out of Stock

night care

This sumptuous organic care smoothes
wrinkles as it envelops and strengthens
skin throughout the night.

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Lip Balm

Its creamy and luscious texture
makes it a bandage for your lips!

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In June, Yves Rocher won the Eco Beauty Award for the Culture Bio line at
the Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) awards ceremony in New York.

Jury members were impressed by its carbon offset program, its contribution to Plant for the Planet and its 100% eco-design.

This award recognizes beauty products that have moved toward the goal
of sustainability:

  • Reduce and eventually eliminate pollutants
  • Reduce and eventually eliminate compounds produced by society
  • Reduce and eventually eliminate the physical degradation of nature
  • improve human living conditions

By winning this award, the Culture Bio line sets itself apart from the rest of
the finalists, including The Body Shop and Aveda.

  • Silicone and paraben free products with
    no artificial colors
  • 100% eco-design
  • Carbon offset
  • Ecocert certified and guaranteed
    by Cosmebio*