Women of the Earth Winners 2011

The Yves Rocher Foundation is proud to reward three women who act on behalf of nature and humankind. The Foundation runs the Women of the Earth contest in fifteen countries across Europe, North America and North Africa.

More than 245 prizes have already been awarded to women working to protect and promote the plant world in more than 50 countries around the world.

Marie-Rose Bain

1st Placed Winner

Horticultural-Agricultural Centre in Cayes, Haïti

Marie Rose Bain, the Founder and Director of the Centre, is working to improve the living conditions of families in Haiti who are living in extreme poverty by raising awareness about local, organic farming and helping citizens plant vegetable gardens and fruit trees.

Marie-Rose Bain

2nd Placed Winner

Not Far From The Tree

Laura manages a fruit-gathering project in residential areas of Toronto. Her organization collects fruits from private properties which would otherwise have gone to waste, and distributes them to food banks in order to support local food initiatives, urban ecology and community involvement.

Marie-Rose Bain

3rd placed winner

Wells in Mali

This organization works in Africa to drill wells with a type of resistant head that prevents contamination of the water and the water table. In addition to providing direct access to drinking water, these wells let villagers create communal vegetable gardens, and also prevent sand silting in the long term.

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