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7 Great reasons to shop Yves Rocher
For half a century over 30 million women around the world have enjoyed the quality and effectiveness of Yves Rocher's botanical beauty products.
We are proud to offer you these assurances:
1 Performance and Safety

Today, 30 million women on 5 continents are convinced of the high quality and performance of our products. Yves Rocher's Botanical Beauty researchers test every ingredient for safety and effectiveness.

2 Botanical Beauty Respects Nature

Our natural formulas are all clinically tested, but we never test on animals. And, they are derived exclusively from non-endangered plant species.

3 We Guarantee the Best Price

By managing every step of production (as Harvester, Manufacturer and Distributor), Yves Rocher manages the cost of our products as successfully as their quality. We do this with one goal in mind: beauty that is available to every woman, without exception.

4 Just for you: Free Gifts and Samples

Yves Rocher always offers you wonderful gifts and samples in every beauty parcel. We'll always help you discover more about the real Creator of Botanical Beauty.

5 We're Always Here for You

Order your beauty products by mail, telephone or internet and with total ease and peace of mind. Tell us your address and the package is on its way to you! And we're always easy to reach, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

6 Yves Rocher is not a Club.

You are never obliged to buy more products. Our customers enjoy worry-free shop-at-home convenience!

7 100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back

Should your products not satisfy you some time, you can return them with proof of purchase. And whether you want an exchange or a refund, Yves Rocher will take care of everything!