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50 years of Cosmetical Beauty - A promise of True Beauty

+ Botanical Beauty
Offers products and spa services based on the power of plants. It’s a unique beauty experience, that’s not only different, it’s superior because it provides:
+ More Life
It’s beauty that uses the regenerative power of plants, its vital energy, its resistance, its longevity.
+ More Emotion
It’s a generous beauty inspired by the plant world: an infinite source of emotions and that feeling of getting away from it all, the richest palette of colours, materials and scents.
+ More Respect
It’s ethical beauty that respects women, their lives and their personalities. It respects living things, the Earth and the planet.
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Every month, we offer you the best of botanical beauty

Nous cultivons nos propres plantes pour que vous en récoltiez les bienfaits. - Yves Rocher

Nail Strengthening Base Coat
Couleurs Nature

Give your nails the protection they need ! This protective base coat acts like a shield, preventing breaking and splitting.

Cocoa beans are taken from the cocoa plant, originating in Central and South America. A mature pod can house 20 to 50 smoooth brown oval-shaped grains, called beans, that are renown for their proctective properties.

This product is temporarily Out of Stock

Base préparatrice - Teint rosé
Couleurs Nature

This primer, infused with rose, preps skin for makeup and helps it last longer, to ensure a flawless complexion all day long.

Enriched with musk rose oil, Damask rose extract and Damask rosewater, it instantly fades fine lines and imperfections, such as enlarged pores and signs of fatigue. Skin texture is visibly smoother. Your complexion is enhanced, even and radiant.

Its light and non-oily formula, absorbs quickly and is appropriate for all skin types.