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Detox Liquid Day Care
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Take one or two drops of Detox Liquid Day Care. Apply it on entire face with smoothing movements from the center of the face outward.
Upon coming in contact with skin, this micro-droplet liquid gel instantly melts to reveal renewed radiance.

Apply the Detox Liquid Day Care, every morning, on entire face.
Elixir Jeunesse

Detox Liquid Day Care

Boosts detox results with reinforced anti-pollution action. Anti-aging patents* *Registered in France

Factors such as pollution, fatigue and stress all accelerate skin aging. The overconcentrated Aphloia extract, which is easily absorbed* by skin, fights against the harmful effects of aging accelerators (pollution, blue light, fatigue and stress) thanks to a double action:
• At the surface, oxidizing aggressions and the harmful effects of pollutants are limited.*
• It boosts the skin repair* and defense systems of skin due to its hydrating action*.

The next generation** of day care that boosts the detox effect:
A revolutionary texture uniquely combined with reinforced anti-pollution action.
Concentrated in detoxifying Aphloia and Moringa extracts, this ultra-refreshing day care formula purifies skin and restores a radiant complexion.

• Immediately, skin is detoxified and purified***
• Day after day, skin reveals renewed radiance.

Botanical Beauty Commitments:
• Formulated with more than 93% ingredients of natural origin.
• WITH an ultra-concentrated Aphloia extract for natural assimilation into skin, obtained using a 100% natural extraction process - Patents registered in France.
• WITa H Moringa seed extract obtained using a 100% natural extraction process.
Extract from an Indian supplier that helps protect the environment.
• WITHOUT mineral oils, silicone, colorant
• Vegan
• Recyclable glass bottle, card stock sourced from sustainably managed forests
• Natural active ingredient from an exclusive Indian source that helps protect the environment.

*In vitro tests.
**At Yves Rocher
***Satisfaction study conducted on 102 women for 28 days.

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