The best selection of ORGANIC
ingredients to thoroughly nourish*
your skin

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- paraben
- colorant
- silicone
- mineral oil


- natural ingredients


- perfume from
natural origin

Shower Gel

This pampering gel nourishes and gently cleanses your skin to leave it soft, supple and lightly scented with its pleasant fragrance.

The +:

Skin is nourished after the shower.

94%* of women observed “My skin
feels comfortable.”

6.7 fl. oz. / 200 ml bottle, Ref. 84364

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Lip Balm

This sweet, soft lip balm with Honey & Organic Muesli nourishes and protects lips from external aggressions. It leaves lips feeling comfortable and relieved upon application.

The +:

The balm nourishes and protects lips from external aggressions.

81%* of women observed “my lips are repaired.”

0.33 fl. oz. / 10 ml tube, Ref. 06419

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Hand Cream

This lavish hand cream with Honey & Organic Muesli nourishes and frees hands from discomfort.

The +:

Protects your hands from the elements without leaving them oily.

100%* of women observed “my hands feel really comfortable.”

1.6 fl.oz./ 50 ml tube, Ref. 12223

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Body Lotion

This Nourishing Body Lotion enriched with Honey & Organic Muesli immediately soothes sensations of dryness and discomfort and provides lasting nourishment for skin.

The +:

Leaves skin feeling soft and comfortable.

96%* of women observed “my skin no longer
feels uncomfortable.”

6.7 fl. oz./ 200 ml bottle, Ref. 09877

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Organic Horse
Chestnut Extracts

Origin: France

The Organic Horse Chestnut extract protects the skin from dehydration. Yves Rocher shows its commitment to sustainable development by working with local suppliers from the Ardeche region.

Acacia Honey

Origin: France* – Hungary

Acacia Honey has been chosen by Yves Rocher Laboratories for its soothing properties. To guarantee its quality, Yves Rocher gets its honey supplies from a network of several hundreds of beekeepers.
*Mainly sourced from Aquitaine & Burgundy, when available.

Organic Oats

Origin: France

Oats are recognized for their repairing and softening properties.
Grown organically in France, the quality and purity of its extracts are guaranteed through an extraction process developed exclusively for Yves Rocher.

Organic Sunflower Oil

Origin: France

Enriched with Omega-6, Organic Sunflower Oil is recognized for its nourishing properties. Yves Rocher has chosen Organic Sunflower Oil from a source labeled BIO SOLIDAIRE.