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Concealer Brush
Concealer Brush
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Work in the concealer or correcting fluid or stick with the tip of the brush on the back of your hand to warm it.

To conceal any complexion imperfections (dark circles, redness), apply it using the brush and tapping movements.

Beauty tip: to conceal redness and imperfections, choose a corrector that is one shade lighter than your complexion.

Maintenance tips: to keep your brush new for a long time, clean it regularly with a mild shampoo and warm water. After rinsing, wrap the brush tip in a towel to remove excess water. Then place it flat and let it air dry.

Make-up Accessories

Concealer Brush

Corrected complexion, Zero-defects coverage

A brush made with synthetic hair for applying stick or liquid concealers and correctors to hide dark circles, redness and other skin imperfections. Its shape allows correcting all areas, even the least accessible, in a natural way without leaving traces.

The plus: A rounded shape for a result with no traces and synthetic hair for delicate application with full coverage.

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