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Coconut Fizzy Bath Cube
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Malaysian Coconut
Originally from the southeast Asia, coconut is now grown in a number of countries.
Yves Rocher has selected Malaysian coconut : fresh, deliciously crunchy, fleshy and filled with juice and milk.
It coats the skin with a savory perfume that is subtle and sensuous…enough to make your mouth water!

15 min

This fizzy cube is a real bath treat. Tossed into your bathwater, it dissolves and transforms into a multitude of tiny bubbles.

Les Plaisirs Nature

Coconut Fizzy Bath Cube

Enjoy an effervescent bath with luscious coconut!

This fizzy bath cube dissolves into a multitude of tiny bubbles perfumed with vanilla that burst on your skin. Your bath smells wonderful and you melt with pleasure!

0.5 oz. Cube / 15 g

REF : 47088

Cube: 15 g

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