Brazilian Watermelon Shower Gel
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2 min

This delicately scented gel turns into a fine, light foam that restores the skin's balance

Think about the environment: turn off shower while shampooing.

Brazilian Watermelon Shower Gel

Lose yourself to the fruity and tropical scent of fresh watermelon!

Revel in the exotic scent of Brazilian Watermelon!

Dance your way through the lively, tropical gardens of Brazil and discover the sweet, fruity fragrance of Brazilian Watermelon. The botanical cleansing base of this shower gel offers you a relaxing and refreshing shower, as it gently cleanses your skin.
Every day, rediscover the pleasure of a fresh and fruity shower gel with the scent of Brazilian Watermelon!

The Plus: The exotic, fresh scent of Brazilian watermelon!

- Neutral pH
- Recyclable bottle

8.4 fl.oz. Bottle / 250 ml

REF : 09192

Bottle: 250 ml

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