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Transat Hair and Body Shampoo
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Aquatic Aroma
This shower gel combines aquatic and rosemary scents with the oceanic notes of Transat men’s eau de toilette.

5 min

Create a rich lather with this product in the shower. Rinse well. In case of contact with eyes, immediately rinse with water. Think green! Turn off the shower water while you shampoo and wash.


Transat Hair and Body Shampoo

Daily wave of freshness

An intensely fresh, aquatic, and modern scent.
Look beyond the horizon... this aquatic fragrance speaks to the soul of a man in search of his dreams. Layer this ocean-inspired fragrance with the luxurious lather of this Hair and Body Shampoo. It blends the fresh scent of rosemary with aquatic, carefree marine accords. The light fragrance is anchored by the strength of amber.
You are a Transat man when the breadth of nature's majesty inspires you. Gazing upon the intense beauty and awesome power of the ocean fills you with a sense of invincibility. Transat's cool, aquatic scent exhilarates you, allowing you to dream beyond the horizon.

Olfactive Family:Aquatic Aromatic.

6.7 fl.oz. Bottle / 200 ml

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200 ml

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