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Yves Rocher
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Small format, big promises. Discover your favorite scents in this committed shower gel

  • Scent : Raspberry & Peppermint
  • Texture : Concentrated gel

Its concentrated formula reduces the consumption of water, plastic, and its carbon footprint, which contributes to the respect of the environment.

Its smooth and enveloping lather cleanses and perfumes the skin without dehydrating thanks to a sulfate-free* cleansing base.

As much showers as in a standard 400ml format and containing 2 times less plastic.

The scent :

Yves Rocher has selected Peppermint essence for its aromatic notes that infuse surroundings with a burst of intense freshness. An unadulterated shot of energy and vitality, it helps bring back tone.

Its icy freshness, paired subtly with the tangy freshness of Raspberry, creates a concoction that tingles with vibrancy.

This product exists in 8 scents.

Results :

98% - of people declare that skin balance is respected**
92% - of people declare that skin isn’t dry**
92% - of people are satisfied with these products**
89% - of people declare that texture is pleasant**

The recycling guide :

Put the bottle in the recycling bin with its cap on top.

Good to know: the caps will be separated in the recycling center and then shredded. Since 2020 our plastic bottles are 100% recycled & recyclable.

Each time you recycle your waste, you contribute to give it a second life.

*Sulfate-free surfactant
**Objective clinical study for 21 days on 83 cases. Mean scores.

Format : Bottle

Reference: 77855

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