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Yves Rocher

What should I bring in my carry-on?

Vacation time is just around the corner. If you're taking a plane, then you certainly must be asking yourself the age-old question: what should I bring in my carry-on? Here are our tips!

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Cabin rules to follow

Packing your carry-on bag could get complicated with all of the restrictions, especially on liquids.
What exactly do they mean by liquids? Perfumes, lotions, creams, oils, gels, but also products with a paste-like consistency, such as toothpaste. Make-up is also concerned, as mascara, lip gloss, foundation, and even nail polish are also considered liquid or semi-liquid products. The same goes for aerosols, deodorants, and mousses.
Choose your products wisely, as they can’t exceed 3 fl. oz each, and they must fit in a clear resealable bag with a maximum capacity of 1 quart! A bit timiting, isn’t it?
And what about other products? Despite what you may think, it is possible to bring on your nail clippers, nail file, a disposable razor, and even your hair straightener!
Do you have a perfume or cream that you absolutely want to bring but that's bigger than 3 fl. oz? No problem, you’ll just have to put it in a bagage you intend to put in the hold.
Don't forget to check the products you put in your baggage, because when it comes to the rules, there will be no exceptions and they’ll end up in the trash.

My carry-on must-haves

Now that you know everything about the restrictions, just choose the products you absolutely can’t live without!
  • Bringing your own shower gel and shampoo on vacation is often quite cumbersome. But fixing this problem is easy: take the environmentally-friendly concentrated shampoo and shower gel with you! You can find the fragrance of your favorite shower gel in an innovative formula, eco-friendly packaging, and a mini size perfect for trips.
  • With its intoxicating scent, the Monoi Traditional Nourishing Oil is a true vacation must-have! It will beautify your tan all while moisturizing your skin.
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  • Don't forget solid soaps and shampoos ! With these products of the Green Heroes range, no issue with the liquids limit. This is a practical and eco-friendly solution. A multitude of sents, a delicate and envoloping foam that gently cleans and leaves the skin perfumed.
  • To protect your skin against the sun rays, you absolutely have to take sunscreen with you!
  • As for makeup, consider bringing your Waterproof Eye Pencil, Grand Rouge Mat Lipstick, and Radiant Illuminating Duo for a pretty, simple, yet effective look.
  • If you could only to take one product in your carry on, take the Famille Bio Repairing Cica-cream. Formulated with a concentrate of organic apple extracts, this cica-cream nourishes intensely, and helps soothe the driest and most fragile areas. Take its 50ml tube everywhere with you, for the whole family's comfort!
carry-on yves rocher
  • Lastly, if the container of your favorite perfume is over 100ml, we recommend you opt for its solid version if possible. At Yves Rocher, our Pleines Nature product line has a solid version you can take everywhere.
  • To stay delicately perfumed all day, take a perfumed body and hair mist. Spray it at any time of the day on your hair and body. You can pick nature's scents with Plaisirs Natures or the feeling of a sunny summer with the Monoi Body & Hair Mist.
carry-on yves rocher

So many solutions to travel with a carry-on and stay eco-friendly.


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