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Yves Rocher

Waterproof make-up tutorial for this summer !

make-up yves rocher

Enjoy summer without worrying about your makeup running thanks to our selection of waterproof products !

1) The Waterproof Eye Pencil: Ultra-pigmented and long-lasting colour

The Waterproof Eye Pencil highlights your eyes with ultra-pigmented colour for a long-lasting result. It is available in 5 intense shades and its formula enriched with cornflower extract is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Plus, its built-in pencil sharpener means precise application anywhere you go. For an even more intense look, apply it to the inside of the eye.
make-up yves rocher

2) Transparent Eyebrow Mascara for flawless eyebrows.

For well-defined eyebrows, the Transparent Eyebrow Mascara fills in and disciplines your eyebrows. Its precision mini-brush will give you an adjustable finish and all-day hold. It is also available in 5 shades, but we recommend its universal shade in summer for a natural result.
Directions for use: use the mini sculpting brush to precisely shape and set your eyebrows by applying the mascara from the base to the tip of the eyebrows.
make-up yves rocher

3) Rouge Elixir pencil for long-lasting lip definition

Rouge Elixir Lip Pencil is a must-have for comfortably defining your lips and helping your lipstick last longer. Available in 8 shades, it is ultra-pigmented and enriched with camellia oil for easy and precise application.
92% of women who tried it say that Rouge Elixir Contour Lips stays comfortable throughout the day and 90% say that the color stays in place.
make-up yves rocher

4) Le Grand Rouge l'Elixir for ultra-pigmented lips

After outlining your lips with your pencil, let's move on to gloss: the Grand Rouge l'Elixir. Its formula is enriched with regenerating camellia oil for soft and comfortable lips beautified with an ultra-pigmented color that lasts for up to 12 hours.
For a perfect result, apply the Rouge Elixir pencil to the contour of your lips, blending it slightly inwards, before applying the Grand Rouge l'Elixir to your entire mouth.
make-up yves rocher

5) Setting Mist: the final touch for a long-lasting hold

At a last step, improve the hold of your makeup with our setting mist, made from 98% ingredients of natural origin, it is the ideal final touch to your routine. It leaves skin feeling fresh and looking naturally luminous after drying. Enriched with Aphloia from Madagascar, a botanical ingredient, it protects your skin from pollution and the harmful effects of blue light.
Spray it on your face after applying your makeup for long-lasting wear, even in hot and humid weather.
make-up yves rocher

So, for waterproof makeup you'll love, discover our selection of products for long-lasting results and protected skin. No need to worry about your makeup staying flawless this summer while you're enjoying time the sun at the pool or on the beach!


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