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Yves Rocher

Thank you Mother Nature!

Here at Yves Rocher, we've decided the theme of this year's holiday season is Nature, as we're convinced that it is the most precious gift of all.

Nature allows us to connect both with ourselves and with others, to appreciate the simpler things in life, like delicate snowflakes or the scent of pine needles.

For Christmas 2019, Yves Rocher is paying tribute to Mother Nature, our daily gift to all of you!

Nature is the source of several benefits

A stroll in the forest

Fancy an escape from the everyday stress and polluted air of the city? Need a break from technology? There's nothing better than a long walk in the woods to unwind and take the time to appreciate Nature's true beauty. "Forest bathing" or "Shinrin-yoku" as it's known in Japan, is a popular pass time in this Land of the Rising Sun, and is recognized in local medicine for its calming effects.

To get the most out of this experience, it's recommended that you walk slowly in order to awaken all of the senses. Slowly connect with Nature and focus on nothing but the natural sounds surrounding you. Take some time to observe the colors around you, especially if you're there in fall. Pay particular attention to shades of green, brown and yellow. Listen out carefully for birdsong and breath in the smells of the forest, like damp leaves or tree sap. Be guided by Nature and slowly return to a state of total tranquility. 

Become a tree hugger

If you're too busy to take a walk in a forest or don't live near enough to one, "tree hugging" is just as effective in relieving stress! Choose a tree that you find inspiring, ideally in a quiet place so that you won't be disturbed. Close your eyes and wrap your arms around the tree's trunk. Run your fingers over the bark and feel its warmth with your palms. Take a moment to appreciate the tree's silent presence and its comforting and invigorating energy.

Listen to the sound of water

We don't tend to think about it, but this natural method of relaxation can be very effective. We're often confronted with stressful and unnatural noises in our everyday lives, from car horns in traffic to phones ringing at the office. So, listening to the sound of running water allows us to reconnect with Nature. Our bodies remind us that we have always had a deep connection to these natural elements and this improves our wellbeing. Nature's sounds are in fact used often in relaxation and meditation sessions.


5 places across the globe where Nature is the most precious gift of all:

We're taking you to 5 incredible natural spots that highlight Nature's true beauty.

Taiga (Northern Canada and Russia, Scandinavia and Eastern Siberia)

Taiga or boreal forest is a natural wonder due to its size and rich biodiversity. Conifers (firs, pines, spruces) and deciduous trees (birch and alder) stretch across nearly 4000 miles from Scandinavia to Eastern Siberia and Northern Russia. This forest also takes up over 2000 miles of the Canadian Arctic, and requires constant protection and vigilance as it represents a third of the Earth's forest surface.



Shibazakura Fields (Japan)

Between mid-April and the beginning of May, Mount Fuji is covered by 800,000 shibazakura or moss phlox. Pink, purple and white flowers are scattered across Japan's highest point. These flowers are an important part of Japanese culture. Each year, this spectacular site hosts one of the biggest flower festivals in Japan.

Tianzi Mountains in Zhangjiajie (China)

The Zhangjiajie National Park in central-southern China is home to some towering limestone peaks. Some reach heights of over 4000 feet! Over time, this site has been left with a landscape that cannot be seen anywhere else on Earth. Plants have blossomed on these mountainous towers alongside a large variety of trees, shrubs, flowers and birds.

The 7 Colored Earths of Chamarel (Mauritius)

This extraordinary geological formation can be found in southern Mauritius, near the village of Chamarel. 7 nuances of colors run through these sand dunes that are rich in volcanic ash and minerals, including brown, ocher, pink, purple and orange. The phenomenon is both impressive and confusing as the colors are only separated for a few hours a day!



The Amazon Rainforest (South America) 

This tropical forest, situated in the Amazonian region of South America is spread across eight countries, including Brazil, Bolivia and Colombia. Rich and diverse flora characterize this forest, which holds over 50,000 species of trees (ancient trees, fruit trees) and 40,000 species of plants (vines, brightly colored heliconia and several medicinal plants).

What is your relationship like with Nature? Let us know in the comments!


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